Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I check in & out?

Please check in and check out are at unit #14 which is on the Ocean Street side of The Yachtsman Complex. If your unit is ready before 4pm we will contact the number on file to let you know. PLEASE do not contact us. Check out at is 10AM. Please drop your keys off to unit 14. If it is before business hours, please put them through the mail slot in the door with your parking pass.

What if there is an emergency during my stay? What should I do?

  • If there is a problem with the rental unit during business hours call 508-771-5454 and our staff will assist with any issues. In the event of a beeping or low battery chirp, please contact the rental office and we will handle a replacement. If it is not an emergency but a major item is not working in the home that affects your health or wellbeing, or damage to the home, i.e. No water, Leak, appliance problem, please call our office number (508) 771-5454 and our 24 hour answering service will direct your call to the rental office.

Is there Cable?

Each Unit has at least basic cable. If there are any additions to the unit’s cable package, it will be listed under the “amenities” section of the listing.

Do you supply linens and towels?

The owner supplies each unit with linens & towels that are available to use. The tenant is welcome to use them at their sole discretion and risk. If the renter has any concerns relative to the condition or cleanliness of the linens, you should re-launder them to your satisfaction. It is the renter’s responsibility to wash, dry, fold & put away any and all linens used prior to your departure. To ease the laundry process, we strongly suggest a linen rental. http://www.auntievis.com/

Do you supply roll away beds or portable cribs?

No. But if you are in need to infant items or additional items you may hire a rental service. They will drop the items off the day of your arrival and pick them up the day of your departure. http://www.auntievis.com/ or http://iggybiggyrentals.com/

Will my rental have its own washer and dryer?

Yes, every condo has a washer & dryer. The rental office is not responsible for any mechanical failures, but will do their best to have addressed in a timely manner. If you are unpleased with the capacity or age of the units, there are also laundromats close by.

Who should I call if I have issues with connecting to WiFi in my unit?

Please make sure you are entering the password correctly with the exact use of capital letters and numbers. You may then need to restart your computer or devices. If you are still having trouble with your connection, then you can call us directly, during business hours and we will contact the owner and do our best to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

We have guests coming-- where should they park?

Parking at The Yachtsman is very limited and assigned spots are strictly enforced by the condo association. Please contact the rental office to see if a second spot is available. Guests may also pay to park at Veterans Park Beach, or Kalmus beach, which are located on either side of The Yachtsman Property. If you or your guest park in an inappropriate spot, they are at the risk of being towed at the owner’s expense.

Can I smoke on property?

No. ALL rentals are smoke free facilities and The Yachtsman is a smoke free complex. If you are found to be smoking inside of a rental unit, you are subject to the loss of your security deposit and any additional cleaning fees.

Where should I have a package delivered during my stay?

If you have an important package being delivered, please send it to the Rental Office: 500 Ocean Street #14 Hyannis Ma, 02601
They will notify you during business hours once the package has arrived.

Should we clean our unit before we leave?

Yes & No. You’re not expected to wax and shine the floors, but you are expected to leave the unit in a reasonable order, to gather and bag your trash before you leave (dispose of it in the white Yachtsman Truck or put it outside during correct times) wash your own dishes and put them away, wash/dry, fold and put away linens. We would call it “Broom Clean” Leaving a unit in un-reasonable condition may result in deductions from your security deposit.

What is the best way to ensure I get my whole security deposit back?

The best way to ensure a full security deposit refund is to leave the rental unit in the condition that you found it, quickly report any accidents that may happen and be mindful of following the rules & regulations to not get a fine.

Will there be beach chairs at my unit?

Each rental unit is equipped with beach chairs for their tenants. If you notice that one is broken or in poor condition, please notify the rental office for a replacement.

Does my unit have a grill?

The unit listing will specify what is provided. Some rental units have electric grills and some rental units have Natural Gas Grills. As of January 1st, 2019 all charcoal grills have been banned from the Yachtsman Complex. If you are found to be using such thing you are subject to a deduction of your security deposit.

During our stay, can we light off fireworks from the beach or have a bonfire?

NO! Fireworks are illegal in the state of Massachusetts (even sparklers). If you are found to be in possession of fireworks, there is a possibility that the police may be called and you are may lose your entire security deposit. Bonfires are also prohibited on the private beach at The Yachtsman. Please contact the Town of Barnstable regarding their regulations on cooking fires for public town beaches.

Do you allow pets?

Sadly, No. Renters are not allowed to bring pets. Service Animals are allowed on property though.

What if a member of my group has allergies?

Be advised that just because our rentals do not allow Guests to bring a Pet does not mean that any rental is Pet Free. If you have a questions about pet allergies for a unit, please contact the rental office and we will do our best to answer your questions. If You or a Guest in your group has Allergies, be advised that we do not and cannot guarantee in ANY case that a home is Allergen Free, this includes Pet, Pollen, Mold, Chemical or any other Allergen.

What happens if I need to cancel?

In the event of a cancellation, we cannot guarantee that any money will be returned. We will do our best to re-rent the rental week. If that week is successfully rented, you may be eligible for a partial refund. We cannot refund moneys due to circumstances beyond your or our control. These are vacation homes not hotels so different rules apply. We therefore suggest that if traveling during months of possible bad weather you consider purchasing your own Travel Insurance.

Can I bring with me, or rent a kayak or paddle board during my stay?

Renters are welcome to bring their own or rent kayaks, paddle boards of canoes while staying on property. Please register them with the Rental Office. You are responsible for maintaining your own possessions, please either lock your items up near the boat racks or carry them back and forth to your patio. Please, do NOT use any boat, kayak, canoe, paddle board, etc. that is not yours.

Can I bring a bike with me?

Yes, many guests bring bikes during their vacation, but please note that all bikes racks must be removed from vehicles while parked on property at The Yachtsman. That being said, you may bring the bikes on your vehicle for the trip, but please only have the bike rack on while loading and unloading the bikes. Bike Racks pose a risk to anyone walking around the property, especially at night. Leaving your bike rack on over-night will result in a fine. While not in use, the bikes may be kept on your private deck, or at the bike racks. Please register your bikes with the Rental Office.